Types of scarfs

Printed polyester scarfs

Polyester scarfs are produced in sublimation printing. This printing procedure allows printing of very small details, photos and colour gradients. You can choose from an unlimited variety of colours.

The soft polyester material is very comfortable even on warm days.

Knitted scarf / fan scarf

They are the top-selling fan scarfs in Germany and you cannot imagine a stadium or fan shop without them! The scarfs are manufactured on a knitting machine and then sewn together. Both sides can be designed individually. Due to the limited number of stitches the size of the logo is limited accordingly. However most of the logos on the scarfs are excellent. Our graphic designers will be happy to support you with the implementation.  

In the case of difficult logos you receive also a knitting card which shows the individual stitches on the machine and how the scarf is knitted.

You can choose from 46 different colours.  At large quantities the desired colour can be dyed directly.

The scarf can be knitted with up to five different colours. But the scarf gets stiffer the more colours are used. Besides, the knitting pattern can become unclear by using too many colours.

Knitted scarf “HD”

HD stands for high definition. Due to the stitch density logos and fonts look clearer than at normal knitted scarfs.

An “HD” scarf has a higher stitch density and therefore they cost more than for other knitted scarfs.


Furthermore, the material structure of an “HD” scarf makes it softer and more elastic.

Block stripe scarfs / bar scarfs

Block stripe scarfs are getting more and more popular. The production is similar to that of the fan scarfs. “Bars” characterize the design. The logo is embroidered at the end of one side of the scarf. Two standard types of embroidery are available.

The high-quality embroidery allows even complicated logo designs. The additional finishing makes the scarf more expensive than the normal fan scarf.

Woven scarfs

Woven scarfs are basically woven on one side and the back appears back-to-front.

In some cases it is possible to have double weaving. This depends on the number of colours and the complexity of the logo.

At weaving significantly thinner threads are used and thus the logos appear very clear. Photos can also be printed on woven scarfs. This type of scarf is especially popular in warmer countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc. It is also perfectly suitable as wall decoration.


This scarf was especially popular in the 70s and 80s on the football fields in England and later also in Germany, France and Italy. The scarf is knitted in one layer and the logo and/or lettering is printed in one colour on one side. Since the stitches are elastic, the print will break open a little after a certain wearing time and will no longer be closed. The fringes are not sewn on extra but are made from the scarf material.